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Name Tom Scuffham

About me

I have been listening to music for six decades now. Over that time I have heard some amazing tracks and seen some wonderful bands. An avid vinyl collector I have built up an extensive collection that covers many genres. But I have always loved rock music, be it hard rock, soft rock, progressive rock or anything in between. Music has supported, inspired and helped me throughout my life. As Bruce Springsteen put it: ‘ “The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with.”


Collecting vinyl. Reading music biographies. My family! Going to gigs and the theatre. Trying to keep fit. Trying to finish my novel. A bit of painting now and then. Seeking out new music and then returning to the classic music I grew up with.

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8pm – 10pm

Why do you like presenting on Basingstoke Community Radio?

I love sharing my music with you on Thursday Night Rock. All tracks are personally chosen by me. Not many other radio stations allow you that freedom. Basingstoke Community Radio has an amazing group of people all dedicated to playing the music you love.

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