Bill Creese

About me

I really got into music when Punk and British Ska Scene happened in the late 70’s. I still love those records and yes, I know I’m showing my age. I’ve always like the Ska and Reggae beats and they just make for a great night at some of the Basingstoke Ska events that I go to.

It’s those types of events as well as gigs I enjoy going to with my partner Anna and friends.


If you were to ask me what my interests are, apart from family and friends, I’d say Music, Football, Football and Music. Not necessarily in that order!

Your show day


Your show time

8:00 to 9:00 pm

Why do you like presenting on Basingstoke Community Radio?

Well I just saw a volunteering opportunity on a local website and thought it would be interesting. I’d never considered presenting but once I had a chat with Dave Chatten-Smith – Founder, Programme Controller and Presenter ( as well as many other hats he wears) on Basingstoke Community Radio he encouraged me to have a go.

So here I am kicking off a Ska, Reggae and Punk show – who’d of thought