Anne Murrill

Name. Anne Murrill

About me

I first got involved in Radio in 1984 as a presenter on Hospital Radio Basingstoke. I was also on a couple of Local stations, Way Valley 102 and pilots for Kestrel FM. I joined Basingstoke Community Radio in July 2020 after a 26 absence year from radio. I do two shows. Monday Brunch +Extra Portions from 10am til 1pm and afternoon Tea – Thursday 2pm til 4pm. Lots of great music, competitions and fun.


Walking, travel, cooking, food, reading crime fiction, cinema, Nation Trust and English Heritage, photography, especially wildlife. And of course music and radio.

Your show day

Monday Brunch +Extra Portions from 10am til 1pm

Afternoon Tea – Thursday 2pm til 4pm.

Why do you like presenting on Basingstoke Community Radio?

Starting back in radio made me fall back in love with music and people. I love my listeners – My Monday Brunchers and my Thursday Tea Pots

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